Extended Family Members Of Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident can visit Canada

Canada opens the travel for not only immediate family but also extended family members of Canadian citizen or permanent resident by requesting a written authorization to travel.

Who is Immediate family member:

  • Spouse or common-law partner
  • dependent child
  • dependent child of dependent child
  • parent or step-parent
  • guardian or tutor

Who is considered Extended Family Member :

  • Fiance , Commited romantic partners living together for at least 1 year , boyfriends, girlfriends, or couple
  • a Non-dependent child (adult child)
  • a grandchild(dependent child of a non-dependent adult child)
  • a grandparent

Furthermore, for travelling the things you need with you at the airport are:

  1. a Valid visa or eTA
  2. a valid passport
  3. written authorization to travel
  4. proof of relation to PR or Canadian Citizen Family member
  5. purpose of travel
  6. have all the heath check to confirm you don’t have any signs of COVID-19.
  7. your quarantine plan

Have a safe travel and get together with the member of your family in Canada.